Adverse Impact of Divorce In Men

At the time of the Big Dipper is already untenable marriage back, usually, divorce became popular solution being taken by husband and wife. However, it turns out, than women, divorce is a devastating effect on men. Divorce is associated with impaired mental and physical health in men than women. Because, after divorce, men are more at risk commit suicide.

Divorce does tend to be a negative impact on men than women. The reason is men tend to be weak when dealing with lifestyle changes. Many of the negative impacts of divorce is caused by changes in lifestyle, such as tobacco and alcohol. Men who divorce can be quickly back on unhealthy habits. Not only that, the men also turned out to be more emotionally dependent tend to mate and have little alternative support. Therefore, before deciding to divorce, you can contact us, and our Marriage Therapist NYC will try to find a way that works best for you and your partner.