What causes sciatica?

The cause of sciatica is usually protruding disc and pressed directly onto the nerve. The discs are made of a jelly-like substance that is surrounded by a hard layer of outer fibers. The discs have a duty to reduce the shock of the spine, but in some cases, a herniated disc and nerve crushing it. Other cases include osteoarthritis cause irritation to the nerve and swelling, even if the nerve is rarely inserted into the tumor; bleeding, infection, and complications from injuries such as hip fractures. The pressure caused by narrowing of the spinal cord to the nerve can cause sciatica. You should contact your doctor if you have symptoms such as pain or pain after resting or after using painkillers, pain is felt more than 1 week or more. Severe sciatica can make it difficult to walk or even run at all. If you are concerned with the symptoms, please consult your physician sciatica rimedi.

You should be treated immediately if you:

1. Suffering from severe pain or numbness, muscle fatigue at the waist.

2. Feel the pain as you suffer a serious injury such as traffic accidents.

3. Having bowel problems big and small.