Tips Using Nail Polish

All women would love to have beautiful and attractive nails. They do manicure, paint nails to the salon and other nail care. You can also visit our website and find NEW NAIL TRENDS. Here are some tips for those of you who will use nail polish:

– Always remove cuticles
Before painting the nails, do not forget to remove the cuticle first so that the end of your manicure neat. But remember, do not cut it! Eliminate cuticle with the help of cuticle remover oil and its tool.

– Careful in choosing white colour
The white colour for the nails is never out of date. You can use it for a French manicure, or white nail trends with a colour game at the end. Make sure the nail white paint you buy is not too transparent, but also not too thick.

– Once done, soak the hands in cold water
After all painting process is complete, you can soak the hands in cold water to speed up the process of paint drying. Alternatively, you can also let your hands run cold water from the tap for about 2 minutes.