Where to find the best rehab for dual diagnosis?

The term dual diagnosis is usually known as the term dual disorder or dual trouble for the human beings. Dual diagnosis can be widely used in the medical term in diagnosing a variety of disorders that exists simultaneously in a patient. The term dual diagnosis can also be used narrowly in the world of psychiatry and addiction. Dual diagnosis in the strict sense means that an individual has two separate diseases but it is interrelated to each other that is the diagnosis is made up of a psychiatric diagnosis and diagnosis of substance dependence that may include alcohol or drug.

A dual diagnosis is given when an individual suffering from both substance dependence and mental disorders. Each disease has symptoms that can interfere with work and social functioning of patients. Not only individuals with two diseases or trouble but the two diseases also interact with one another. The diseases can influence other diseases and cause a relapse. When the diseases occur together, the symptoms can simultaneously cover each other even it is so difficult in diagnosing and giving therapy to the patients with a dual diagnosis.

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