The modern day sicknesses that must be cured with ayahuasca

The ayahuasca has been banned in several countries. It happens when people misunderstand and misuse the ancient and sacred healing art as the way to make them high. It’s such a wrong misconception and we believe that some day, ayahuasca ceremony will be legal even in the United States. The government and many people still not realize that ayahuasca is the key to curing the modern day sickness. Our modern society has so many sicknesses that will never be able to be cured by the modern medical treatments. That’s why we need to look back to the thousands of years ago, when the ancient amazonian healing treatment, Ayahuasca retreat was being developed.

Even though it’s ancient, the ayahuasca ceremony is capable of healing the modern day sickness. Right now we’ll discuss the ayahuasca capability in healing the psychological sicknesses. There are several psychological illnesses which are plaguing our people right now. They’re the lack of direction (purpose), lack of passion (inspiration, loneliness, isolation, PTSD, suicidal thoughts, depressions, and addictions. These illnesses have killed so many people these days, and they’ve destroyed many lives and families for years. It has to be stopped, and it can only be truly stopped by using this ancient art.

The way it works is very unique. While the modern day medication is about fighting and forgetting your emotional pain which is stress, fear, and anxiety, the ayahuasca method is way better and so different. The ayahuasca ceremony and its tea allow you to enter the realm of your own subconsciousness. Right there, you will be able to meet your own emotional problems in their true form. They can be scary but the point is not to avoiding or fighting them. Instead, you have to embrace and accept them as the part of who you are. Only by then, you will be able to overcome your emotional and psychological problems, and you will be able to be reborn as a new and yet remain the same person which is better and healthier than before, both physically and psychologically as well.