The B1 English exam is not a scary test

Getting a visa to enter the USA can be very hard and intimidating, due to there are so many people who’ve been rejected. It happens because there are so many illegal immigrants in America right now. However, it will be a whole different story with the UK visa. You need to pass the B1 English exam to get it, and it’s not a scary test at all. You can visit to book your exam right now.

It’s actually a conversation exam which asks you to engage the examiner in an informal conversation. The topics will be provided by the examiner and you may choose one among them. It will be just like chatting with a new friend, and you don’t have to be nervous just due to few wrong answers. The most important things are talking politely and naturally and make sure that you’re using the proper English grammar during the conversation. This way, you may be able to enjoy the whole process of the exam and getting your UK visa with no big trouble at all.